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Women's Suffrage and Sunflowers

The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center’s team returns for another year at Set to Celebrate with a theme that is timely on the eve of 100 years since women gained the right to vote. Drawing on period-appropriate china and silver with reproductions of pamphlets and artifacts from the Stowe archives, this table tells the story of America’s early suffrage movement after the Civil War. Dinners at the Stowe household were often gatherings for meaningful discussions with influential people also dedicated to social justice issues, ranging from Emancipation to Women’s Rights.

In the Victorian era, the “language of flowers” conveyed meaning. This table will feature seasonal foliage that would have grown in Isabella Beecher Stowe’s own garden. She was a recognized garden expert and author as well as an accomplished floral painter so Stowe's centerpiece would have been a thoughtful selection of what was available and local. The surprise inclusion of sunflowers (a symbol of the early Women’s Rights Movement) is a reference to the national debate that was gaining prominence in that era.

CEO Brian Greenfield and Beth Burgess, Collections Manager are pictured in front of last year’s mantle decorated with period pieces and books. This year’s table celebrates people who were at the forefront of a profound social change journey 150 years ago that is still imperative today. Visit the Stowe Center at 77 Forest St, Hartford. Learn more at www.StoweCenter.org.


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